It is compulsory that ALL athletes wear our centre uniform and appropriate (covered) footwear during competition as per the requirements of the Little Athletics NSW Inc.

Athletes who register with Dapto Little Athletics Centre have two (2) weeks to obtain a uniform. Exemptions will be allowed if uniforms are delayed by our manufacturers.

Athletes must always wear the Centre uniform whilst competing in Athletics, including weekly competition, Centre Carnival's and events run by LANSW. Failure to wear our centre uniform at the weekly competitions will result in points being deducted; failure to wear them at centre carnivals and events run by the LANSW will result in the athlete not being able to compete at all.

Our Uniform is:

Centre Singlet, T-Shirt or Crop Top that must be purchased via our centre.

Athletes to wear royal blue shorts/bike pants.

Uniforms can be purchased from the Uniform Officer before competition starts on competition days.

All athletes are required to wear their Registration Number and Age Patch on the front of their uniform, and they are to be clearly visible during competition. The gold border around the registration number must also be clearly visible (Tiny Tots to Under 17’s). The age patch is to be worn on the left-hand side of the uniform and clearly visible at all levels of competitions. (Replacement numbers and patches can be obtained from the Registrar for a specified fee, Registration Number $20.00 and age patches $2.00. These fees are not put on by the centre but by the LANSW)

Appropriate footwear is compulsory for all athletes in all events.

No athlete may wear football boots or cleats in any event.

Athletes in the U11‐U17 age groups only, may wear spike shoes in events run entirely in lanes, long jump, triple jump, high jump and javelin.

Athletes in the U12-U17 age groups may wear spike shoes in all events except walks.

All spike shoes must be worn with all holes filled with a complete set of spikes, with no more than 2 blanks/slugs installed.

Spike shoes cannot be worn outside the defined “Field of Play” unless all spikes are suitably covered.

Spike length (subject to any further constraint from individual ground policies):

  1. Synthetic ‐ Track 7mm Maximum High/Long/Triple/Javelin 9mm Maximum
  2. Grass ‐ Track/Long/Triple/High/Javelin 12mm Maximum

We promote sun safe awareness and as such allow athletes to wear hats during competition. Please note that during high jump this is considered a part of the uniform and if it happens to knock the bar off it will be considered a foul.

Uniform Prices

T-Shirt $33.00
Singlet $33.00
Shorts $28.00
Crop Top $33.00
Lycra Shorts $28.00
Caps and Bucket Hats $15.00
Sun Smart Blue Polo Shirt $40.00